Monday, January 9, 2012

Croquembouche done!

Happy Monday everyone!

I got up and got right to it this morning.  I had been thinking about the Croquembouche since I quit working on it Saturday and I was ready to just make the caramel and finish it. 

I think in the end with all of the time and work I am thinking that I just like the cream puffs filled with the cream and that the caramel is just way too much trouble/mess unless you are doing it for a special occasion.  I of course was just doing it to give it all away ... I don't want to put on 50 more pounds.

PS>the reason that my Croquembouche is not very tall is because I made 4 of them so it would be easier to give away instead of pulling it apart.

Today at 2:30 PM I have a Dr.'s appointment (for girly stuff) and then I am just waiting for Friday to see what is going to happen with my back.  I hope that I get off all drugs and it gets fixed once and for all ... I think the Dr.'s move so slow but I guess they know what they are doing?

just wanted to post the pictures of the Croquembouche and touch base with you.  If I have any news later I will post again.  Have a really great day ... signing off for now from 1HappyChef.  :)

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